Cotton Candy (ball)

Packing typePE Pneumatic packaging
Package weight16 GR
Pack Quantity40 Pieces of
Shelf life180 days

Do you remember your childhood? What did you love the most? Toys, fairy tales and sweet! A sweet, and even with a fairy tale-you can only dream of this!

Your child takes a light snow-white ball of cotton candy “happy children” with a cheerful little piggy and freezes with delight: from the picture on it looks snow maiden with Snegiryme in hand. And here Masha and Mishka, Anichka with Aist.

Each ball is one of the letters of the alphabet, and cotton candy is a sweet alphabet! Having received in a gift some balls, the child can compose words.

The delicious fairy alphabet is a child’s dream embodied in life!

But our cotton candy is not only a baby treat, but also a pleasant treat for adults who can plunge into their happy childhood. These unusual balloons can decorate the festive event! And lovers men will crush any woman’s heart, having put out of balls the word “I love”!