For buyer

When choosing buyers of our products is assessed its legal position, solvency and financial stability, as well as reliability and other indicators.

For realization of commercial purposes of delivery the buyer should meet the following requirements:

  • Presence of the buyer of the central office as a single place of management of trading objects;
  • Availability of a single settlement account for mutual settlements with the supplier;
  • Solvency and financial stability, providing the possibility of fulfillment of obligations on payment of goods, which means absence of debts on payment of obligatory payments, absence of signs of bankruptcy and possibility Regular replenishment of circulating assets, allowing to pay the forecasted for delivery volumes of goods, absence of other signs of financial instability.
  • Availability of the necessary infrastructure, allowing the buyer to ensure the safety of goods in accordance with the rules and regulations of its storage, and compliance with the following parameters:
    • The minimum delivery volume is not less than 1 pallet place;
    • Pickup – any number.

If you are ready to become the buyers of “Happy Children Confectionery Factory” Ltd., you should contact the managers of the customer service department:

Managers of clients:
8 (8453) 63-11-54 8 (927) 910-00-33

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